How to fix the ____ on your patio

You’re in a park, and you need to clean up your lawn.

How do you do it?

You could get creative and make your own DIY lawn mowing machines, but you’d probably be better off sticking with the easy, straight-forward way.

Here’s how to make your first DIY lawnmower: 1.

Choose a machine for your type of lawn.

The one with a rotating blade will make your lawns more efficient and keep your weeds out.

If you don’t have a lawn mower with a rotary blade, the best option would be a circular saw.

It’s cheaper, and the blades will last longer.


Take a lawn chair out of its case.

If your lawn chair isn’t on a shelf or in a cabinet, use it as a bench.

The chair’s legs can be bent to the same angle you set the lawnmowers on your table, so the chair will be able to be tilted forward without wobbling.


Put a few leaves on the chair.

Make sure to position the chairs so that they won’t hit the table.

If they do, they won and will damage your lawn mowers blades.


Put the chairs back on their case and clean up.

Make it a point to keep the chairs on the bench while you mow.


Clean up.

After mowing, rinse off the leaves with water and soap, and repeat.


Use a soft brush.

If there are any leaves on your lawn, they can be wiped off with a damp cloth.


When you’re done mowing and the grass is dried, pick up the chair and clean it up. 8.

Let it dry for a few days.

Your mowing machine will look like this: 9.

After a couple of days, your lawn will look pretty similar to this: 10.

That’s your lawnmowing machine.

The best thing about it is that it looks great when you put it in the sun, but it’s also great for the summer.

You’ll be happy you mowed it that way.