Brazil fans react to Rio beach chairs and Walmart chairs

Rio beach chair and Walmart chair are among the items that have been stolen from Rio beach hotels and hotels around the world.

In addition to these, a hotel in the US also had to close after a woman who was visiting it was sexually assaulted by someone who had been there on a trip for several days. 

According to the New York Post, one of the hotel’s employees was sexually attacked by a man who tried to rape her. 

The hotel has been locked down while the police investigate. 

A similar incident occurred in the UK on Tuesday night. 

 In both cases, the victims have since been released, according to the BBC.

The incident occurred at the Hilton, in the heart of Rio’s beachfront.

A police spokesman said that a hotel guest was approached by two men who were apparently drunk and had taken his wallet and phone.

The woman asked the men to stop and that the hotel staff should help her.

The men fled, the spokesman added.

The hotel had to shut down for three hours, but was reopened after police arrived and arrested the suspects.

The BBC has more details about the incidents.