Home Depot offers $4,000 credit card to customers who upgrade to its new smart home products

ESPN Crizzly 1/20/15 2:12:22The $4.9 million deal is one of the biggest home improvement deals for a home improvement company to date.

Home Depot has partnered with smart home company SmartThings to offer $4 million in home improvement credit cards.

The card will be tied to SmartThings products, including SmartHome and SmartLocks, and be valid for a period of up to three years.

The cards will be available in stores nationwide, starting Jan. 10.

Home Depot will begin accepting credit cards for home improvements on Feb. 2.

Home and garden remodels, as well as home repairs and landscaping, will also be eligible for the new credit cards, according to the company.

Home improvement credit is one type of home improvement that is a popular trend for many consumers.

In addition to credit cards to pay for remodeling, many people also use SmartThings, which is designed to track and monitor your home’s performance.

SmartThings offers a number of products, from smart locks to smart doors, that are used by millions of consumers.

These include a thermostat and thermostatic control system.

The company offers a $199 smart doorbell that also works with smart locks, as does a smart thermostats.

SmartLock can automatically lock the door if it detects movement.

SmartThings also sells a $399 smart alarm system, and the company sells an alarm kit with its SmartLocking product.

The new home improvement cards also give consumers access to other smart home technologies.

These products include a smart home automation hub and SmartThings Control Panel that can monitor, control and monitor the entire home.

This allows you to control your smart home from your smartphone.

SmartLocks is designed for people who are not as technologically savvy as a typical homeowner.

These people typically have older homes, smaller kitchens and do not have many electronic devices in the home.

They can be a challenge for people to set up and use, so they often don’t use the new smart cards.

Home depot is known for its well-established brands such as Home Depot, Home Improvement, Home Depot Outlet, Home Goods, Home Delivery and Home Improvement Outlet.

The home improvement department of the company has grown from a handful of stores to more than 20 stores in more than 100 cities.