When you can’t get the dorm chairs you want, there’s a new contender for the spot you want

A couple of years ago, Walmart started selling new dorm beds with more room, but they were only available in a few states.

Now, the retailer has launched a new line of beds that comes with a little more room—at least for now.

The beds, priced at $1,100 per bed, are called the “Walmart Lounge” and feature a more comfortable design and a “vibrant” white fabric.

The new bed is available now for the Walmart Prime members who have a Prime membership.

“We wanted to give you something that really feels like a Walmart,” Walmart VP of Global Innovation and Product Design Jim Pang told Mashable.

“It feels like you’re at Walmart.”

The new beds come in two sizes: standard and full-size.

Each of the new beds has an adjustable height and is made of a more durable, lightweight material.

The furniture also comes with adjustable legs that adjust to adjust to the shape of your body, as well as a built-in storage system that can hold a backpack or other gear.

The Walmart Lounge beds are available in three colors: white, brown, and navy.

The company said the furniture is made by American manufacturer Mattel, and it will be available starting in April for $1.99 per night.

The full-sized bed, on the other hand, is only available for Prime members and is available for $800 per night—a little less than Walmart’s regular price of $1 in some markets.

The prices of the two beds are different in the US, but the Walmart Lounge is $800 more expensive in the United Kingdom and France.

Walmart also announced today that it will begin selling its own mattresses in the U.S. and Europe.