Why Is This Christmas Tree a Big Deal?

“It’s really beautiful, it’s got a really big bow,” said Karen Boudreau, who works as a commercial artist and is the founder of the nonprofit Home Depot Museum of Art.

“I’m a huge believer in this tree.”

Home Depot and other big retailers have been pushing for a major Christmas tree for years, and Boudares museum has one of the most extensive collections in the country.

She’s thrilled to finally have one in her home.

“I always have my trees in the back of the house,” Boudaures said.

“It means I can go out there and pick out the perfect one and hang it.”

Boudreau was raised in the church and now works in marketing, but she said she’s also a longtime tree person, because it’s an outdoor activity she’s always wanted to do.

She said she loves seeing the trees on display and the holiday atmosphere.

“It’s so nice to see people smiling and making faces and just just having fun,” Boussie said.

“The tree is just amazing,” said Tasha Trewsdale, who lives in St. Louis and works in corporate communications.

“To see this one being put on display, it really makes me feel like I’m home.”

The museum’s annual Christmas tree show also features some of the best artwork from around the world, including a $500,000 sculpture by Dutch artist Haus of Amsterdam.

The sculpture was commissioned by the American Civil Liberties Union and the museum’s art director, Liane M. Schmitz.

“We had such a huge response to the art show,” Burt said.

The tree was donated to the museum by the artist’s son, who hopes to someday be the director of the museum.

“There’s nothing like seeing the work and hearing about it from the people who were involved,” Burdares said of the show.