New Zealand’s largest retailer says it will stop selling products with foreign names

The largest retailer in New Zealand has announced it will no longer sell products with Chinese names.

The company said it was working with suppliers and regulators to make the change.

The company said in a statement it was committed to upholding its standards of ethical business practices and was working closely with suppliers to ensure all products sold through its network comply with our ethical standards and policies.

It said the company had already implemented measures to remove foreign names from all of its products.

The move comes as New Zealand moves to introduce a new licensing system for Chinese companies and to crack down on the practice of buying products from overseas to import them back to New Zealand.

The Government says the system will allow for “effective and sustainable growth”.

In October, New Zealanders voted in favour of an initiative called the China New Zealand Association, which aims to raise awareness of the country’s new role as a global leader in the manufacture of goods and services in China.