Why I was ‘too fat’ to fit in my chair

When I was five, my parents decided to sell me my mother’s house in Perth.

My sister’s parents and I lived in the same flat and spent every waking moment together.

My mother always stayed with us when we were away and we became best friends.

It was a wonderful life in a small town in Western Australia, until I had a serious case of pneumonia.

At that point, I started to feel uncomfortable and felt guilty for not being more active and active.

I lost all my friends and had to turn to my sister and aunt for support.

One day, my aunt found me on the floor with my hands covered in soot.

It had been a long time since I had cleaned up my room and had forgotten to clean my hands.

I felt like I had gone mad.

I didn’t have any clothes on and my face was covered in dirt.

I was desperate to go home and sleep but I was still afraid to come out of my room.

My aunt asked if I wanted to come with her and take a bath.

She said that if I didn´t like what I saw, I could leave.

I said that I would be very grateful, but I didn`t want to leave my mum in the bath.

I asked my aunt why she had brought me into the house.

She told me that I had to go out and play and was afraid that I might get sick.

I thought, what would happen to my mum?

My aunt said that it was better that I didn t get sick, as it would give me more confidence to leave the house and go play with the kids.

The next day, I went to school with my mother, who was very worried.

She was worried because she had no clue about how my mother had ended up in a house with so much soot and dirt.

She thought I might have been a victim of my mother´s illness.

I told her that I was very scared of my mum.

I kept telling her, I am very scared.

She could have been ill herself, and she could have done something to make me sick.

At home, my mother would ask me, How could you be afraid of my Mum?

I would tell her, Well, she could be ill, she has a cold, she is very skinny, she doesn´t walk, she can´t hold her head up.

She had all these things.

I had seen so much of my life.

I wasn´t afraid of her.

She wasn´ t sick.

She has no idea how my mum ended up living in the house with all this soot, dirt and soot everywhere.

When I told my mum that I wanted her to be scared, she started to cry.

She went back into her room and cried for an hour.

Then, she calmed down and asked me if I was going to leave her and go to school.

I gave her a long talk.

I explained that I loved her and that I still loved her.

When she asked me how I felt about going back to school, I told them that I felt so sorry for my mum and that she needed to be strong.

She cried again, but then she asked if it was OK if I came back to her room to clean up my mother.

I don´t think she realised what I was saying.

I left the room and went to my room, where I took a shower.

I washed my hair and put on some makeup and started my day.

I tried to put on weight but it was hard.

I started feeling a little sick but I still tried to get rid of all the soot that had been left on my body.

I couldn´t do it.

At first, I thought that I could get the weight off.

I went into the kitchen to wash my face.

I saw my mom, who had been crying, and I went and hugged her.

I put my arms around her and hugged for a long while and then we went outside to the backyard.

I took off my mask and started to take off my clothes and put them on.

I sat on the lawn and we played on the grass.

When my mum was sick, she always played in the backyard with her toys.

At the end of the day, she went home and cried.

I think she felt sad that I hadn´t tried to make her feel better.

My mom cried and cried and said, you´re a great mum.

My mum was very brave.

She played in front of me and I cried.

After that, I never went to see her again.

I never talked to her again after that.

I have never had a relationship with my mum, even though we had three kids.

I only saw her once, when she was a young woman, and that was when she died.

My parents never really had any relationship with me, other than that they were friends.

My father was my first boyfriend.

My grandfather was my second boyfriend. I know