How to Stop Being a Dumbass in Your Own Home

The American Conservatives’ John J. McLaughlin has an excellent article about the ways that dumb people are taking over the home.

McLaughin explains that dumb folks have taken over the country by buying all sorts of expensive gadgets that have become standard for living.

They’ve also taken over our houses, and in the process they’ve built up a lot of crap.

But McLaughlin also points out that there are many ways to be smart.

You can do a lot more with a small budget.

You could invest in your home with your own money.

You’re not obligated to go to the gym.

You don’t have to make a ton of sacrifices.

McLauglin has some ideas for how to help smart people do more good.

For example, the smart home isn’t just about making sure you don’t get sick.

Smart people can be responsible stewards of their own house and can even use smart devices to get a better night’s sleep.

McLoughin even suggests that smart people might even consider becoming part of the housing industry by selling appliances and furnishing their homes for less than their fair market value.

I guess that’s a good start, but we should keep in mind that these ideas are not really about getting smarter people to live better lives.

Instead, they’re about making smart people feel good about themselves.

They’re not about making smarter people more responsible, or smarter people smarter.

If smart people want to live healthier lives, they’ll need to become responsible stewards.

Smart smart people should be able to invest in their own homes and be responsible for maintaining them and their quality of life.

But we should also be able, like the rest of the world, to buy smart smart homes and not be forced to do so.

I’m a smart person, and I have lots of money.

But if I want to be more smart, I need to be willing to take responsibility for my own living.