A New York couple has decided to buy their neighbor’s patio rocking chair, saying it’s just “a nice piece of furniture”

A couple in New York City has purchased a patio rocking wheelchair for $1,500, after noticing that it was being used by their neighbor.

Mark and Joanna Stenzel of Brooklyn bought the chair for their neighbors, Bethany Gorman, in April and have since taken it out for a walk around the neighborhood.

“She’s always out there on the porch rocking chairs,” Mark Stensel told ABC News.

“It was just a nice piece to have in her yard.”

Gorman and her husband, Dave Stensels, say they’ve been using the chair a lot.

“I love it,” Gorman told ABC.

“We’ve had the chair in the kitchen for a week, and it keeps us all happy.”

Mark Stencils said he and his wife decided to purchase the chair because they like the chair and the family-friendly nature of the neighborhood they live in.

“We’ve been out here for two or three years and it has never been used by anyone,” Mark told ABCNews.

“So I thought it would be nice to have a piece of stuff that we could enjoy in the yard and take a break from our busy lives.”

Mark told ABC he bought the bench because he was “not really a good neighbor.”

“I didn’t really like the people around me.

They were very loud, and I wasn’t too friendly,” he said.

The couple’s neighbor Bethany was also thrilled with the chair.

“She’s got this thing that is like an actual rocking chair,” Mark said.

“And it’s a great piece of equipment.

I was very happy to see it on my side of the fence.”

Mark and Bethany are currently renting out the chair to the neighbors and will soon begin putting up a sign at the entrance to their home.