What you need to know about cheap bean bags

In the age of cheap beanbags, what’s in them and why do I care?

We’ve put together a list of the most expensive bean bags you’ll find.

Some of the items are no longer made, but they’re still pretty cheap.


The Bambu, a cheap beanbag chair for under $20.

The original Bambua is no longer on sale and it’s available for only $20 on Amazon.

You’ll find plenty of other cheap beanaboos on Amazon, too.

This chair has a comfortable feel to it that’s comfortable enough to sit on even if you’re not a beanbag holder.


The Zumba, for under 30 bucks.

The cheapest beanbag available on Amazon is the Zumbas for under 60 bucks.

They’re a bit more expensive, but it’s still a nice chair.


The Kinkos, for around $20 to $25.

The most expensive Beanbag Chair available on the market is the Kinkoos for $80.

They also have a cushy feel.


The Fazio, for $30 to $40.

The best beanbag you can find on Amazon (and a $60 to $80 price tag).

The Faza is a nice, soft beanbag that comes with a cushioned seat and a small screen.

The seat has a built-in speaker that works as a remote.

The price is about right, but you’ll have to buy a second set of cushions if you want to wear them all the time.


The Seba, for less than $10.

This beanbag is for $10 and it has a cushier feel to its cushions than other beanbags.


The Yota, for about $20 or so.

The biggest beanbag for under 100 bucks is the Yota for about 50 bucks.

It’s also one of the cheapest beanbags on Amazon with a price tag of under $30.


The Crescita, for a more affordable price.

The Best Beanbag on Amazon has a very similar price tag to the Bambus but it comes with cushions.


The Lidop, for an even less expensive price.

This is a better beanbag than the Seba for about half the price.

It also has a cushion and screen.


The Vibe, for over $100.

This seat is an upgrade from the Bamba, and it comes in a variety of colors.

The design is great, and there are also plenty of different colors for your personal taste.


The Jamba, for more than $200.

This cheap beanchair has an extra cushion, a screen, and a built in speaker.


The Ipe, for just under $250.

The Beanbag King, which has an even better design, comes in an even cheaper price tag.


The Xing, for only about $250 and up.

The beanbag with the most cushions is the Xing for $250 to $500.


The Ewa, for half the cost.

This low price is also one that comes in multiple colors.


The Spina, for two or more $500 beanbags for $1,000.


The Aio, an inexpensive beanbag.


The Mio, a $1.1 million beanbag made in China.

The maker of this one is the Chinese company Lidos, which makes everything from a bean bag to beanbags to beanbag chairs.


The Uji, an under $1 million chair that comes from a Japanese company.


The Soma, for another $1 to $1M.


The Alta, a little over $1 billion.


The Chikko, a beanbags that cost $1 trillion.


The Bez, a much smaller beanbag which has a slightly different design than the Mio and Xing.


The Stig, a larger beanbag (at least $1B).


The Wako, a low price beanbag, which also has more cushion than the other three beanbags (though it’s not as plush).


The Hanoi, a more expensive beanbag by far.


The Puma, a smaller beanbags priced at under $100 with a more cushy design.


The Burrito, a very expensive beanbags which has more cushions, a built into screen, a higher price tag, and the most plush beanbag of them all.


The Ko, a few other beanbag models that have a little more cushion.


The Nido, a lower priced beanbag but one with a different design.


The Sun, a small beanbag priced at $1 or less.


The Go, a large beanbag costing around $1 a pop.


The Amoeba, a cheaper beanbag