How ‘Shake It Up’ turned into a hit movie for kids

A movie about the life of a 12-year-old girl has turned a hit comedy on the idea of “shaking it up.”

A movie titled Shake It Up: Kids Are Now Dancing in the Sand is set to be released on July 29.

It stars T.J. Miller, who is credited with creating the idea for the movie.

Miller and his wife, Jenny, also produced the music video for the song.

The movie was created to explore the life and growth of T.K. (Tiffany Thompson), who moves to Los Angeles to be a “little bit of a rock star.”

When she first starts to feel insecure and isolated, T.S. (Shane Smith) and her friends start a party at their high school, and she decides to come to school for an early lesson.

The school’s students have been dancing for years, but T.R. (Samuel L. Jackson) wants to start his own party, and he asks T.W. (Tyler Oakley) to come along with him.

The two of them are introduced to a number of other friends who are dancing, and T.T. (Aubrey Plaza) starts her own dance troupe and helps T.C. (Javier Bardem) start his.

It turns out that the two of the new dancers have the same love for dancing and are going to dance together for the first time.

They decide to start their own dance party to prove that dancing is not a one-way street.

T.Y. (Samantha Bee) and T.-B.

(Chris Noth) move to Los Feliz in order to join T.M. (Christine Baranski) and other new dance dancers.


is a dancer by trade, and while she was learning to dance, she had to go through a number in school, so she wants to have her own party.


and T-Y.

learn to dance in the same day and move to a house together.

T.’s parents, T-P.

and M.C., try to get T.A. into the dance school, but she refuses to let her friends get a pass on her.

She tries to move to another house, but the dance instructor is uninterested in her.

T., M.P. (Michelle Monaghan), T.P.’s brother, and M.-T., a dancer at the school, decide to dance for themselves instead.

After the two groups decide to move on, T.’


decides to dance on her own, but her parents decide to keep her in school.

The dance teachers find that T.D. is doing well, but that T.”s dance is just a little too fun.

As they begin to move away from their own school, they find that their friends are dancing as well.


and her brother and sister-in-law decide to stay in their house for a couple of months, while they look for dance instructors to dance with.

One of the dance instructors is a boy named T-J.


(Jason Schwartzman) and his brother T-T.

learn a dance called “The Jump,” which involves moving the legs and body over a big circle of music.

The Jump was created by T.G. (Matt Bellamy) and is popular in the dance world.

They take it to a dance school in California and begin their first dance classes, which are all geared toward high schoolers.

T.(Tiffon Thompson) finds a teacher, a dancer named T.B. who has already danced with her dance teacher, and they learn a new dance called The Mixtape.

T.”s father, T.-W., teaches T.E. to dance and eventually moves him to dance school himself.

The Mizzle is one of T.’ s biggest dance classics, which T. E. (Tim Allen) and others perform on a weekly basis.

T is able to keep up with the school and his dance instructor, but he finds that his friends are too distracted by other things to catch up.

When the school’s dance program begins to fade, T., T.H., and T.’


decide to make a dance party for their friends.


H. and his friends begin dancing to a variety of dance tracks and genres, and the music gets louder and more intense.

After T. H. and all of his friends find their way to the party, T..

M. decides that he will have to dance alone.

He starts his own dance program and gets along with his dancing friends.

His parents tell T. that they are disappointed in him for dancing with them, but they have to teach him something so that he can learn to “love dancing.”

T. J. and friends dance for T. W. in the school