$40,000: A modern antique chair for $40k

A $40K antique antique chair from the 1950s is for sale near me.

I don’t know the owner or what’s inside, but the chair looks like it’s been sitting there for a while.

It’s a classic, the kind of chair you might find in a home office, but I can’t imagine spending $40 to own one of these chairs.

I don’t want to sell it, but this chair has a lot going for it.

It’s cheap and the chair isn’t as ugly as I might expect, with a nice, vintage-inspired design.

The chair has been sitting on the floor since 1950 and it’s still functional and comfortable.

It has a built-in electric motor and has been maintained to this day.

A recent article in the Times of London described it as a “fantastic chair” and described it this way: “A modern antique, its distinctive look and comfortable feel make it ideal for anyone who likes to have their work done, and can also be a great choice for those who prefer to have it repaired.”

The chair is being sold by a local furniture dealer, which is an awesome feature of the online auction.

The seller was contacted and I contacted him, which was great.

He was kind enough to email me pictures of the chair and offer to send me an in-person tour.

He did.

We had an amazing conversation and he said he had it from a collection that had been around for 40 years.

He said he was going to make a little change to the chair for me, and that he’d be happy to send it to me if I needed it.

So I bought it.

The pictures of this chair show it was a little bit crooked and the paint was a bit dirty.

The real deal is the quality.

The paint is very clean, the wood is strong and the legs are long enough to be comfortable.

I’m a bit of a collector myself and I appreciate the value of an antique.

The seller said the chair was worth $40 for the workmanship alone, so that’s a bargain for $20.

What are some other things you would like to know about this chair?

You may have noticed the pictures I’ve put on this blog show it has a bit more work than the pictures on eBay.

That’s because I did the work myself.

I took it apart and painted it to make it look like it was brand new.

I then took the chair apart to make sure it was still functional.

I also took the original cabinet out to do some cleaning.

I used some of the original drawer boards and other furniture that was lying around the house to get a better look at the chair.

I did a bit with the wood to make the chair look like a piece of art.

Do you have an antique or other vintage furniture you want to share?

What do you like about it?