Why are some people really happy?

Some people are so happy they can’t get enough.

For some, it’s because they just feel so good.

“It just feels good to have that space, that space is what we need in this day and age,” said Marlene Jones, a member of the Walsall Community Group, which has been providing outdoor chairs to the local community since 1974.

“Some people think it’s just for fun, but it’s really important for people to feel comfortable and secure in their own home.”

It’s been a long time since Walsham Council have had to deal with a chair shortage, but with the popularity of chairs becoming increasingly popular, council staff are now being asked to consider whether to consider more chair options for people in need.

“We have been talking to lots of people, asking them if they could be a chair sponsor,” said Councillor Sam Worsley.

“One of the questions we are hearing is how can we help those who don’t have chairs and get them to use them more often.”

For some it’s the simplest solution – to offer them a chair that is already sitting in the living room.

“It doesn’t take much to make someone feel more at ease and more comfortable, and to help others feel safe.”

They’re so happy and content to sit and feel at home,” said Mr Worsleys friend David Woodworth.”

The chairs really are a great way of giving them that extra space.

“There are now about 1,000 chairs in the Welsham community group, and Mr Wories hopes that will continue to increase over the coming years.”

You can’t make chairs out of bamboo, so there’s not really a place for the bamboo chairs,” he said.”

There are plenty of other chairs that are available, but the chairs are definitely the best and most comfortable.””

You have to go into the shop and buy them and bring them home.

I think the majority of people who are now looking for chairs, have already bought one or two and they’re all really comfortable.”‘

It’s just not a comfortable feeling’For some people, chairs are the best way to get around in Walshall.”

I think it helps people to be more comfortable,” said James Purdie.”

If you can just sit back and relax, you’ll feel like you’re a little bit more in control of your environment.””

It’s good to know there’s chairs around,” he added.”

Even if it’s a bit out of sight, out of mind.

“Mr Purdies daughter Sarah Purdia also loves sitting in her new chairs.”

When you sit in your chair, it feels like you have a little more space to yourself, it makes you feel more confident and secure,” she said.’

We all have chairs’In Walsborough, the community group is currently looking to get more chairs into the hands of people in their local area.”

People who have been looking for chair sponsorship are a real source of comfort,” said Council Chair of the Community Group Tim Moore.”

Whether it’s from a member or not, we always welcome those who are interested in getting involved.

“Our chair sponsors have to work out the terms and conditions with the chair makers, so they can then get back to us and we’ll work with them to find a chair they like.”

“We all share the same needs – we all have seats, we all need chairs,” said Ms Jones.

“That’s why it’s important to support local people who want to use their chairs in a way that is comfortable, safe and beneficial for everyone.”

“I feel more secure in my own home because I don’t feel like I have to worry about whether I have my own chair in the room.”