How to make your own camping chairs

The perfect camping chair for a camping trip or weekend getaway can be hard to find. 

We’ve rounded up 10 great options that are easy to assemble and can help you find the perfect camping chairs for your needs.

Read more: Wooden camping chairs and tables have been around for years and are great to have around the house. 

But some people want a more durable option for the outdoor. 

There are several options on offer. 

You can choose to purchase a wood folding chair or a wooden dining chair, but you need to consider the cost. 

One of our favourite camping chairs is the West Elm. 

It’s easy to build and takes up less space than a traditional folding chair, and it can be purchased as a stand-alone unit. 

The West Elms fold up to fit a large camp chair or fold up into an upright dining chair. 

Its a perfect camping seat for family and friends. 

This folding chair has a plastic frame, but it is light enough to use in a backpack or backpacker mode. 

 Read more on camping chairs: East Elm This East  Lawn Chair is the perfect folding chair for people who like to have a bit of room around the dining table. 

In addition to being light enough, it’s also sturdy enough to hold on to a meal and other items. 

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Wooden Camping Beds  (Wooden or wooden) is a very popular camping chair and table.

The best-known brand is Woodland. 

However, you can also find Woodhouse, which is another brand that’s based in the UK. 

Woody camping beds are designed to be easy to fold up and can hold up to six people. 

They’re perfect for a couple of adults or two kids, or for a family of five. 

All of the Woodhouse camping beds feature a soft, plush, sleek sole and seamless design. 

If you’re looking for a nice sturdy camping chair that is also a great table, the Lodgewood is the best option. 

As well as being lightweight, it comes with a fiber-reinforced frame, so you can rest it on a table, wall or other surface. 

(Read the review of the Lone Wolf camping chair.)Read more on campers chairs:  West Elm A West  Leaf chair is also popular. 

West is a small woodland company that’s a partner in a number of camping brands. 

Like Woodhouse, West has a range of camp chairs. At £129, this Leaves camp chair is perfect for an outdoor camp spot. 

Although it’s light, it can also be used for a dining seat. 

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