The perfect white dining chair for your family

A new design from Italian-American designer Andrea Giuffrida will let your family members and friends see your face without having to leave the house.

The chair is a collaboration between Giuffringa, a designer and producer with an impressive body of work, and American entrepreneur Joe Rizzuto.

The design combines a custom wood frame with a lightweight, stretchable fabric, allowing for the most natural-looking chair ever. 

Rizzuto says the chair will let you “look like you’re walking around with your entire family, not a bunch of strangers.”

Giuffre’s family is “the epitome of the traditional family,” Rizzulo said.

“This is not just for the family.

It’s for anyone that wants to be comfortable.” 

Giuffringas company has also partnered with the US Embassy in Rome, the United Nations and the Vatican.

They’re calling it the “Italian Family Chair.”

The chair, which retails for $8,995, is a product of Giuffrings family. 

“The idea for the chair was born from the moment we had dinner with my mother and her husband, and it became very personal and connected,” Giuffinga said. 

Giufringa’s design is inspired by the “love” of her family, which has a deep connection to the Italian people.

The chair was made from a blend of Italian wood and recycled fabrics, including cotton, linen and leather. 

The fabric is designed to allow the chair to stretch out, and is designed for “a wide range of different heights and styles,” Giufringas said.

You can see the chair in action in the video below. 

While the chair is designed as a way to be “more accessible” for the guests, Giufferinga said it also provides a “family friendly” experience for guests, who can sit down with their children and grandchildren in the chair. 

You can see Giuffingera’s work at her website, 

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