Office Depot chairs, mattresses and table

The office furniture retailer Office Depot has announced it will start selling the first-of-its-kind, affordable furniture made with recycled material.

The company said it has signed an agreement with the nonprofit Office Furniture Network to begin offering new products made with reclaimed materials at its stores nationwide.

The products will be available in select Office Depot stores nationwide starting March 10, 2018.

“Office Furniture is dedicated to supporting people, communities and planet in ways that help sustain our planet, our families, and our jobs,” Office Furnishings Network Executive Director Kate McCammon said in a statement.

“We are committed to sourcing and manufacturing the best materials and providing our customers with a great value.”

In the statement, Office Furnishers said the products are designed to be made from recycled materials, which includes metal, plastic, rubber, and even paper.

“We use recycled materials to improve the products we make, reduce waste, and create a more sustainable planet,” McCamton said.

“It is also a way to provide our customers the tools they need to make meaningful, lasting change.”

“These recycled products are great for a variety of applications and are incredibly affordable,” she added.

“They’re made from high-quality materials and are the perfect complement to any home.”

Office Furnishments Network is an organization that works to support businesses and communities that support the environment, McCamron said.