Walmart camping chairs in stores will have some camping amenities

Walmart is expected to launch camping chairs at the Walmart Neighborhood Market next week.

Walmart said it will offer a selection of camping chairs that include a set of 12 hammocks for $249.

Walmart’s selection of outdoor camping chairs will be limited to a number of categories.

Walmart is also expected to introduce outdoor camping beds that are made of a more durable material that will be available in three sizes: standard, long-stay and extra-long-stay.

Walmart said the outdoor camping bed set will be sold at its retail locations.

The outdoor camping set comes with a variety of amenities, including a headrest, a sleeping bag, a head-rest pad, a pad for your feet, a light and a cooking pot.

Walmart will offer three sizes of the outdoor camp chairs.

Walton said the camping chairs also have built-in LED lights that allow them to be used in daylight hours.

Walmarts outdoor camping chair prices will range from $199 to $349.

Walmart stores will also offer a limited number of camping chair sets for $49 each.

WalMart’s outdoor camping sets come in two different sizes.

The standard camping set will set you back $349 while the long-term outdoor camping head set will cost $249 for 12 hammock-shaped camping chairs.

The price for the head-set camping chair is also $249, but you’ll get the extra-size head-chair set for $349 at Walmart stores.