How a Melbourne housekeeper became the ‘world’s biggest’ in one year

It’s a title that could make a man feel a little dizzy.

A Melbourne housewife, who sells her house for about $20,000 a month, has become the world’s biggest.

It’s an annual accolade given to a woman who has a career that spans 20 years, has a passion for the industry, and is one of the best housekeepers around.

But for Victoria’s local housekeeper, Jessica Stiles, who is a teacher, this is just one of many accolades she has achieved.

“I love it because it’s an opportunity to make a positive difference,” she said.

“It’s not for me to be the best or to be one of those people who gets the most recognition.

It’s for people to look at my skills and to see me as a person and not just as a job.”

Stiles, from the northern suburb of Lismore, became the world champion in her home business in May last year when she took home $7,400 in prize money.

It was her second win in as many years, after she won $5,000 in 2009.

But this year, she set out to become the biggest housekeeper in Australia and was determined to win the award for the first time.

She first came up with the idea of running her business in 2017 after she was asked to train a young housekeeper.

“The whole idea for it was to have someone on a salary, who I thought would be able to help me out and support me,” she explained.

“And also be able just to be there to help the person, if they needed anything at all.”

The goal was to find a housekeeper who was young, who had no experience, and who could also be there for two months a year.

The idea of raising money through her business was not an easy one, Ms Stiles said.

The competition she faced was intense.

“To be fair to them, the competition for them to be number one was quite fierce, so there were some really tough people out there,” she added.

“They were pretty aggressive in terms of their pursuit of the prize money, but I think there was also a really supportive, loving, and caring community around us that supported us, which was quite encouraging.”

Stokes has become a major celebrity for her skills and passion.

“She’s a professional, and she loves what she does,” said owner Lisa Latham.

“So it’s nice to have that sort of recognition from people, and also a little bit of recognition for having been able to give that a go.”

Lisa Latham said the main reason for the huge success of Stiles is her passion for her job.

“Jessica is a very driven person and I think she is the ultimate housekeeper,” Ms Latham explained.”[The challenge] was just to take a challenge to where she felt like she was capable of, and I’ve had a lot of people who’ve challenged me before, and Jessica’s been the biggest one.”

Ms Stiles has also had her fair share of challenges along the way.

“When you’re young and you’re a teacher or a housewife or a teacher assistant, it’s very challenging to come up with things that are fun and interesting and it’s challenging to keep your head down and keep working,” she noted.

“But that’s the main thing, is to be able, as an adult, to say I’m doing it for the good of the community and the community in general.”

For Stiles and her business, this achievement will help them with their dream of becoming a successful professional in the industry.

“There’s a lot more that goes into it than just being the biggest and the best,” she concluded.

“You’ve got to be really focused and you’ve got a really good sense of humour, you’ve just got to have a sense of passion for what you do and it just has to be about helping people.”

For us, it all comes down to that.

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