‘Gloria Steinem, I’m Not Gay’ on Why She’s Not Gay: ‘We’re a family’

Gloria Steinem and she are one family.

The former activist and author of The Vagina Monologues has a strong and healthy relationship with her husband, the actor James Gandolfini.

They have four children together, two boys and one girl.

But that wasn’t always the case.

Steinem’s marriage to the actor was a long-term affair.

She says that when he first told her that he had an attraction to her as a teenager, she did not fully accept his feelings.

But after that, she began to explore the idea of love.

‘I’m not gay, Gloria,’ he told her, ‘you’re the one I want.

You are the one who has made me feel so much better.

I want you to be a beautiful person, too.’

Steinem says that after her marriage ended, she continued to explore her sexuality.

‘We had a great relationship.

He was my best friend, I was his love, and we had two great kids together.

But there was one thing I learned in my 30s that really helped me in my journey.

I realized that if you want to love someone, you have to let go of your own desires and let them know you love them, too.

You can’t live in the closet.’

‘I’ve been told that it’s not about my sexuality, but my heart.

I’m not sure I can articulate how that feels,’ Steinem said in a new interview with Rolling Stone.

‘People want me to be different.

I know that people can have their opinions and say whatever they want.

I just don’t understand why it’s so difficult for me to say that I am not gay.’

Steine’s story has come under fire before.

In 2015, she was accused of sexual harassment by then-Senator Al Franken, who accused her of unwanted sexual advances during a USO tour in 2008.

Stein was never charged, but Franken and his wife filed a lawsuit against her, alleging sexual harassment and a breach of trust.

Steine was acquitted of all charges.

But this year, she went public with her own account of the incident, saying that she was ‘flattered’ when Franken asked her out on a date in 2007.

Steiner said that when she went out to dinner with the senator, the next day, he pushed her back into a bathroom stall and started kissing her on the mouth.

‘He just kept going and going and I was like, ‘Oh my God!

What are you doing?

What is this?’

Steinem also said that after he stopped, she felt ’embarrassed’ and that she had to leave the restaurant.

Steining said that she tried to walk away but was too embarrassed to do so.

‘It was the last thing that I wanted to do,’ Steiner told Rolling Stone in an interview.

‘There was a lot of crying and a lot hugging.

I really feel bad about that.’

She also told Rolling Stations that when Franken left the restaurant that night, he didn’t ‘ask to go home’.

‘I was like “This is my man!”‘

Steiner also said she told the Senate that she felt uncomfortable that night.

‘Franken’s not a friend of mine, but I just felt like I needed to speak up,’ she told Rolling Stones.

‘And I felt like, “Oh, no, no.

I can’t do this.”‘

‘I think about my friends who were raped and have their lives changed forever because of that,’ Steine told Rolling Images.

‘When you’re talking about people who are abused and assaulted, you need to remember that there’s always a victim, a perpetrator and a survivor, too, and you can never have enough of that.’

Steiner’s statement was shared widely by activists and LGBT rights groups, and has led to calls for her to step down from her position as chair of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC).

The Human Rights Coalition issued a statement in support of Steinem.

‘While Gloria Steines statement in the wake of allegations of sexual assault is important, we also believe that Gloria should not be the spokesperson for HRC,’ the statement read.

‘Gabby Giffords, the first woman elected to Congress in 2008, is also a survivor of sexual violence and was just elected to the U.S. Senate.’

Stein’s statement also drew support from some former colleagues, including US Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV).

Manchin was one of Steiner ‘s former teachers.

‘She is a wonderful woman and we are all proud of her for coming forward,’ he said in an email to Rolling Stone .

‘She has spoken to a lot about the importance of education and her belief that all people deserve the right to a safe and fulfilling childhood.’

In a statement, Steinem described the controversy surrounding her story as ‘a great learning