New York Times Magazine’s 2017 list of the best cities for a family trip

article A New York City couple was stunned to discover their home had been demolished for a new home in the same neighborhood as a New York subway station.

The pair, who were living in the neighborhood, said the house was sold in 2017 and that they were unaware the home had already been torn down.

The demolition of their home was a shock to both, and they are now searching for the property’s owner.

“We were totally unaware of the house’s existence, and we’re still searching,” said the wife, a mother of three who requested to remain anonymous.

A source at the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority told the paper the agency had not been notified of the demolition.

According to the Times, the couple said they planned to buy a new house in the area, but instead found the old home was already demolished.

New York City has some of the highest foreclosure rates in the country.

According to a 2016 report from the New America Foundation, about 10 percent of all households in the city were in foreclosure.